Monday, September 2, 2013

Motion blur

This month's blog circle challenge was motion blur.  This one is tough because you want to use the motion blur to enhance your photo.  Most of the time motion blur is frustrating... it's there due to lighting issues or camera limitations.  This month I learned to embrace it with some fun activities like panning.  It was both fun and challenging!

and a couple of my favorites from the archives:

  If you enjoyed my blog post, head on over to Ana's blog to see her take on motion blur. I hope you enjoy this month's blog circle.

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  1. Oh I love these pictures. They look like SO much fun. I love the pinwheel pictures. They just look like SO much fun. I also love your panning picture of the bike....that is so neat.

  2. Great job with the panning! It is so fun to see that image on the bike as she zooms by.

  3. oh my goodness Sarah you seriously rocked motion blur!! I love the panning shot of her on the bike! Your last one is so fun!