Sunday, May 22, 2011


One of the most endearing things about my kids are the adorable words they say, or try to say for that matter. Lately Katie's vocabulary has been expanding like crazy and the little words she says are so stinkin' cute. Melmo (Elmo) is her favorite. She exclaims "Melmo!" every time she sees him on t.v., in a book or as a toy. She also says "Bapoo" when she needs a diaper change, lol.

Ally had her fair share of cute words when she was younger. She loves to hear stories of the funny things she used to say- like Dink. She used to ask for her pacifier or binkie by saying "Dink!" I remember the day when she said bink instead. Disappointment lingered in the air as I knew that cute stage would come to an end as she aged.

But at 5, she still says the cutest things. Her current craze is bugs. She wants to study and learn about them all the time. She loves butterflies but not the waps (wasps). The cicadas came out yesterday and she was fascinated. We walked up to a lilac bush and she found about 50 of them on there. Ally exclaimed "Mom, look! A spa-cada tree!!!" All day she talked of spacadas :) I guess that cute stage doesn't really end after all. :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Countdown to summer... one more week until school is out and stress floats away like a balloon in the wind. I can't wait to be a stay-at-home mom again for two months. What a blessing.

Lately I've wanted nothing more than to just be home with my girls. Recently one of our little Williams syndrome babies lost his life and although I didn't know him, I feel a loss. I think about it often and I find myself just wanting to hold my children. It's scary because it's so close to home. I've been thinking back to all the feelings I had when Katie was in Children's hospital with congestive heart failure. It conjures up many memories.

Today, though, I can honestly say that Katie is so healthy, I don't find myself worrying too much about her. It's a relief to see her happy, medication free and growing. In the beginning, I wasn't confident that she'd have that sort of future. So, in the wake of a sad week for the WS family, I plan to count my blessings. I want this summer to be one of treasures.

We have plans of fun, educational exploration all summer. We will explore treasures in our city, with our friends and with family. We even have a big extended family vacation planned, a first for the Lohse's. Fun is looming... t minus 7 days!