Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Texture- Project 52 week 6 theme

Over a year ago, my husband ordered what was advertised as a "macro lens" on Amazon for something like $20. It turned out to be an attachment that only fits on my kit lens (rookie mistake).  At the time I didn't know much about my camera in the first place and I quickly forgot about it.  Recently, I had the opportunity to sneek away from the hubs and kiddos with a friend and visit the botanical gardens.  I thought that since this little trip away is just for fun I'd give the macro lens a go and see what it can do.  I thought it was really fun (and it makes me want a legitimate macro lens!)  The edges are really distorted but I found all sorts of awesome textures in the cacti and tropical botanicals in the greenhouses.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Took this one with a super zoom lens!

 Cacti with the macro attachment

More cacti macro

 Silk tree macro (this flower reminded me of the Lorax's truffula trees)
Palm fronds in the climatron.  I love the lines!
confession... I have a science nerd love affair with lichen.


  1. These are lovely. You are inspiring me to dust off my macro! I like lichen too!

  2. ohhh beautiful macro of the red flower and the one above it!

  3. Beautiful macro, I love the cactus!

  4. The flower images, amazing :) Love these!