Saturday, February 2, 2013

Perfectly imperfect

Aging.  It's that little word that sells millions in wrinkle cream and botox.  Why is it so hard to age?  Is it the gloomy end?  I don't know about that! (retirement sounds pretty nice right now, right?) 

*So before we begin with my aging insight, I'd like to make a simple disclaimer- I admit to the fact that I am 35 years old.  That anyone reading this over the age of 35 1/2 will roll their eyes and say that I don't know the first thing about aging.  I get it.  I truly do.  But see it my way.  35 is older than 20, so, yes, I have aged.  And in the spirit of the following story, I have recently been noticing more and more that I am in fact disconnected from that carefree stage where the toughest thing I used to do was coordinate a nap somewhere in my "busy" schedule.  So back to what I was saying...

My story about aging...  Last Saturday night, I was cleaning out a closet and found one of my old purses.  (I hear that thought in your head.  I know that you've done something along those lines on a Saturday night before, right?!)  Anyhow, my old purse contained a wallet I haven't used in a while and INSIDE that said wallet sat a $20 gift card to a particularly yummy restaurant (Gianinos for you STL folks).  So my husband and I had this brilliant thought to go there on a DATE!    Sunday night my husband and I went out to eat at a restaurant (no! you say?  A date night?  I know, right?  And on a SUNDAY....  We live on the edge.)  As I was walking into said restaurant I immediately regretted that we didn't come early to get the early bird special, ha!  Well, the dinner conversation ended up centered around the fact that we are indeed aging.  A little balding here and little wrinkle there... and how at work we can't relate to the youngins' as much as we once had.  I came to a realization that the high school seniors that I am teaching this year were born the year I graduated high school (face plant).  We reminisced the days when we'd put away 50 wings in a sitting and would swim all the calories off before bedtime.  Now a days we are detoxing on juice diets and falling asleep on the couch before 9 p.m.  That, my young friends, is part of aging.

So, when the Clickin Moms monthly blog challenge came up as being close up portraiture I had to embrace those wrinkles and go with it.  Well, I tried my best to use photoshop in my favor but I chose not to cover up the age.  I have a wrinkle or two sprouting from my eyes but hey, they are from all that smiling I like to do.  So, I guess aging isn't that bad.   I kind of like the older, wiser state I am in.  I kind of like the humbling feeling knowing that in the future I'll look back on who I am today and realize I didn't know it all.  The future isn't so bad when you think about all there is to look forward to.  So I challenge you to embrace the aging.  Don't be embarrassed when they turn down that gift card from 2009 that you tried to use at said restaurant (That wasn't an old person move, was it?).  Take a look at yourself up close and embrace what you see.  Make a new wrinkle from all that smiling you have in store and choose to be perfectly imperfect.

Here are some of the other close up portraitures I took of my perfectly perfect children.  Enjoy.

My sleepy babe, Katie

I swear she has about 20 different kinds of lip balms in her room!
She's an explorer at heart.
one of our little dog, too!

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  1. You are beautiful and so is your family (P.S. I'm turning 35 in April and I'm trying to embrace all those wrinkles that keep appearing!)

  2. Your photos are beautiful. You look great in them. I love that pug.

    1. Thanks! My pug can be a handful but she's pretty cute! My little furball.