Saturday, November 10, 2012


Lately I've felt like everywhere I go I can't escape complaining and arguing.  Whether it's politics or work stress or just trying to fit everything into one day, differences in opinion surround us and it's so easy to become exhausted by it all.  Yesterday I was sitting at my work computer feeling a little stressed over all the grading I need to do and decided to escape a bit by changing my computer background.  I ended up chosing this picture that I recently took of Katie at a neighborhood park.

I immediately felt better.  Katie, whether she's with me in person or starring on a picture on my computer screen, is an instant mood lifter.  Her attitude is contagious.  She is pure love and joy.  She is sweet, polite and happy (99% of the time). 

When I took this photo, she wouldn't sit still for a posed picture, but that's ok because I actually prefer photos of my babies being themselves.  What strikes me the most about this picture is how far Katie has come.  When I look at it my heart swells with pride over the fact that she can run.  Just look at her face.  You can see the pure joy that she is having doing it, too!  Katie is overall delayed in pretty much every area of development and seeing her accomplish each little milestone that most families overlook in their own children, well it really puts your priorities into perspective.  I remember waiting over 6 months just for a smile.  I look back and remember feeling pain to see younger cousins pass her up with walking, talking, drawing, pretty much everything.  It's hard at times to see your child struggle but amazing things happen over time.  I've watched her never give up.  I've seen her want to do what the other kids are doing and today I'm seeing her acheive those milestones.  I can't be more proud of the fact that she is beginning to do these things and more.  She continues to make me proud day after day.

Kate teaches me every day what is most important in life.  It's not who won an election.  It's not if you get your paper work done on time or if your house looks perfect or if you have the latest technology... it's your family, your kids, your health.  Katie has blessed me with one of the greatest gifts I never asked for.  The daily reminder of what is important... the love of life.

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