Monday, December 2, 2013


Lately I'm becoming somewhat obesssed with light.  I've found the next step in elevating the quality of my photos have been in chosing the proper locations based on light.  I often fall victim of chosing a place for a portrait because of a beautiful background and then find later that with low apertures, you can't even see the background.  Light has a profound effect on the color of the skin, the clarity of the photo and the emotion it portrays.   This month's photo blog challenge from Clickin'Moms is dramatic light.  All three of these photos were taken on Thanksgiving.  The first two are from a window at my uncle's house that has the BEST lighting.  The last one is the after dinner trip to the park.  Enjoy!

Experimenting with backlighting
This one is from the same window with Ally turned about 45 degrees towards it.

Swinging during golden hour
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