Weekends Project

You know that feeling when you drive home from work on a Friday afternoon?  Freedom... family... fun... relaxation...  that is what I hope to capture in this project.  A weekly documentation of that feeling you can't get any other time of the week.  Can you feel it?  It's the...WEEKEND
Weekend Twenty-five:  We're snowed in so we took advantage of the wildlife watching right through our window.

Weekend Twenty-four:  Katie got her hands on a REAL guitar at Uncle Doug's house!

Weekend Twenty-three: Caroling at a senior rehab center


Weekend Twenty-two- Couples only staycation in downtown St. Louis

Weekend Twenty-one- snowday! 

Weekend Twenty- Thanksgiving pre-pie trip to the playground

Weekend Nineteen- My ladybug girl!

Weekend Eighteen- She's not so little anymore, but still my baby

Weekend Seventeen- potty training princess

Weekend Sixteen- Day trip to Dillard Mill

Weekend Fifteen- Picking the perfect pumpkin at the Pumpkin patch

Weekend Fourteen- Girl Scout field trip to Powder Valley Conservation Museum

Weekend Thirteen- School Fall Festival

Weekend Twelve- Camping at Onadaga State Park...and bike riding milestones!

Weekend Eleven- Helping Hands and Horses

Weekend Ten- Brownie trip to Alton, IL

Weekend Nine- Mommy getaway with old friends

Weekend Eight- Epic bedhead

Weekend Seven- A great day for a bike ride

Week Six- Puzzle milestones

Week Five- Girl scout day outing- fishing, campfire cooking and a hike

Week Four- Swimming parties galore

Week Three- Playground at Big Spring in Mark Twain National Forest

Week Two- Picnic at Laumeier Sculpture Park

Week One- Trip to the carousel at Faust Park

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